The Pirates of Tokyo Bay (POTB) is Japan's premier bilingual comedy group and this is our iOS and Android app!

If you've ever wondered what happens when you put a group of improv performers on a stage with no script who use the audience's suggestions to make the scenes, there's an app for that!

All things POTB are here! Find out how to see all this ROTFL action with our schedule in Japan and internationally.

Wanna join in the fun? Vote for your favorite Pirates while at the show and see the results in real time!

Don't miss out! Check out the program page for each show if you missed anything on stage while flirting shamelessly at the bar, I mean, grabbing another drink with your friends.

LIVE - Head here to participate during our live shows.

NEWS - everything you need to know about upcoming shows and events with links, maps and more.

SCHEDULE - plan your life around us and shower us with your steadfast presence at shows in Japan and abroad.

SOCIAL - did you think we weren't a bunch of needy millennials? HAHA. The jokes have already begun. FOLLOW US THOUGH.

LINE - because it's line and you just can't not.

POTB - No script? No problem. No app? 1992 called. It's for you.

If you have any questions please contact

パイレーツ・オブ・東京湾(POTB)は日本で初のバイリンガルコメディグループ、そしてこれがそのアプリ!(iOS用 / Android用





ライブ - 公演を見に来てるならココをチェック!

ニュース - 次回公演、イベント、リンクとマップを添えてお届け。そして最新情報も。

スケジュール - 国内外での公演日程はここで確認できるので、自分のスケジュールも組みやすくなっちゃう!「まぁ、なんて便利なの!」 

SNS - いいね!・フォロー・シェアはここで。「気になる存在って思われたいの。」

ライン - 日本語はスタンプ、英語はステッカーって、「ス」しか合うてへん。

POTB - No Script. No Problem. でも、アプリがなきゃ何もはじまんない。


iOS app built by Issam Zeibak
Android app built by Kwame Alexander
Designs by Jacob Cates

iOS用アプリデベロッパー:Isaam Zeibak
デザイン:Jacob Cates