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Pirates use comedy to fight breast cancer


Pirates use comedy to fight breast cancer

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The Pirates of Tokyo Bay, Japan’s bilingual improv comedy group, is honored to join forces with the University of Pennsylvania’s Basser Center, to put on a charity comedy show in Tokyo where all proceeds go to the Center’s breast cancer research. Ticket details here.

Show details: 
Sunday, August 13th
6:30pm at What the Dickens in Ebisu

Every year the Pirates have put on cancer charity shows supporting Livestrong Japan, Over Cancer Together and as the Pirates brand grows, the group is continually looking for more ways to give back to the community. We are using what we do best, improv comedy, to bring smiles to those involved with the serious fight against cancer and we couldn’t be more honored to do so.

If you are interested in working with us, contact us here or sponsor us.


Pirates donate to Kumamoto


ADMAD - Artists Do Make A Differenceによる熊本リリーフプロジェクトに寄付してくださった皆さま、誠にありがとうございます。皆さまから集まった寄付金は31,016円となりました。そして私たちも同じ額を寄付することで倍にし、合計金額は62,032円となりました。ファンの皆さまと一緒にこれを被災地・被災者の皆さまにお届けします。 ‪#‎熊本支援‬ ‪#‎WithTheKyushu‬

A big thank you to everyone who donated at our show last night to the Kumamoto Relief Project supported by ADMAD - Artists Do Make A Difference. The audience raised ¥31,016 and the Pirates doubled that to donate a total of ¥62,032 to charity. Together with our fans, we are honored to offer our support to the people in Kumamoto who need it most.