The Pirates of Tokyo Bay want to help train your staff in new and exciting ways! We are professionals who can enrich your employees and increase synergy in your office. Our workshops generally emphasize building communication and entrepreneurial skills. Effective communication and effective risk-taking is how teams (and profits) go from good to great. If you want to start making a tailor-made training program for your company or just want to learn more, please go to our "Contact" page.

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It was a wonderful workshop in that it included participation by everyone, broke stereotypes, & was useful outside of business situations.
— BizReach Director
— 株式会社ビズリーチ 部長 様
It was a totally fun and effective business training for team building! We had to create groups and partner with people we usually don’t work with and it really helped for the actual business sense to communicate, discuss and make the decisions quickly and effectively.
— Mutsumi Suzuki, HR & Office Manager (Gengo)
The workshops were high-energy workshops that were both very fun and effective. Their enthusiasm is infectious and their instructors complement each other very well. Our improvisers enjoyed the sessions greatly!
— Kim Tan, Founder (Improv Company, Singapore)
— 鈴木睦美 様  人事(株式会社Gengo)
— キム・タン(インプロブカンパニー・シンガポール)

@ 日本医療政策機構

@ Gengo

@ Association for Women in Finance

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Mike Staffa (English)

川畑誠仁 (日本語)

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