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Once 5 people have signed up, we will contact you and set the class schedule.
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Mode of Payment *
After you register, we will contact you and discuss payment.
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Where are classes held?
In Shinjuku just a few minutes walk from the station.


FAQ . . .

Minimum Class Size
There must be at least 5 students registered for a level for it to proceed.

Maximum Class Size
No more than 10 students per level.

Do I have to be bilingual?
Nope. If you sign up for a class in English, the course will be conducted in English.

When do I pay for classes?
Fees can be paid in advance if you attend one of our regular monthly shows or payment will be accepted at the first class of a Level. If you are taking a Level course, payment must be in full by the start of the first class.

What is your refund policy?
No refunds are given if there is less than 24 hours before the first class of a level.

If I take classes will I get to be a Pirate member?
Taking classes or completing Levels with us does not mean you are a member of the Pirates of Tokyo Bay. But the experience you gained with us will prepare you well if and when you decide to audition for the group when we hold auditions.

I still have questions!
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