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The Pirates of Tokyo Bay パイレーツ・オブ・東京湾

Tokyo's only bilingual improv comedy group


The Pirates of Tokyo Bay パイレーツ・オブ・東京湾

Tokyo's only bilingual improv comedy group

The Pirates are an improvisational group performing in English and Japanese. Our shows are different every time we perform as we create and personalize each show based on audience suggestions. The Pirates are helping lead this movement through our extensive work with clients like the US Embassy, ConnectUSA, Gengo, BizReach, the Japan Foundation and the Australian Society of Tokyo.


This is where the funny is. The Pirates have a monthly bilingual, English and Japanese languages, show towards the end of every month in Ebisu at What The Dickens. Doors open at 7pm and the show starts at 7:30. Don't blame us if you laugh so hard you snot.

笑いはここにあり。日本語&英語(バイリンガル)の公演は恵比寿のWhat The Dickensというパブで毎月行われます。開場は19時から、開演は19時30分からです。なお、笑いすぎても当グループは一切責任を負いませんのでご了承くださいませ。

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Improv University / 即興クラス

Improv University / 即興クラス


It’s fun! And improv skills are life skills: listening, connecting and collaborating with partners, maintaining flexibility, telling a story, embracing risk, building resilience. Whether you dream of the spotlight or just want to get more comfortable making small talk, you can develop your skills, and we can help you. We offer three levels of classes culminating in a public show in Shibuya with your fellow classmates.


learn the Fundamentals

Our Level 1 course consists of 5 weekly 3-hour classes, covering the basics of improv theater. Learn the fundamentals of improv in a fun, structured way!  We’ll help you make that first step onto the stage, creative process with your partners, and building an entire environment from nothing at all.

Who, what, where of scenes

Our Level 2 course builds on what we’ve taught in Level 1. We teach you what makes a scene tick, how to identify, heighten and complete a pattern onstage, and how to find real inspiration whenever you need it.  Students are offered the chance to put on a show with the Pirates & show a live audience what they can do!

Advanced Character work

Our Level 3 is our final, and most advanced level of improv.  Upon graduation you and your fellow classmates will be ready to go out into the world and have the confidence to great amazing scenes on stage and generate laughs from the audience like the Pirates do on a regular basis.

Besides regular performances, we also offer business workshops.  The Pirates want to help train your staff in new and exciting ways! We are professionals who can enrich your employees and increase synergy in your office. Our workshops generally emphasize building communication and entreprenurial skills. Effective communication and effective risk-taking is how teams (and profits) go from good to great.


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Interested in joining the Pirates? Check out our auditions!