Introducing the Pirates of tokyo bay Style Guide

Since our founding in 2010, the comedy scene in Tokyo (and across Asia) has matured. Groups are increasing their level of professionalism both on stage and off stage through their branding and marketing. 

To carry us into the future, we’ve created a style guide. This guide will help us grow our brand consistently and quickly without needing oversight for every pixel or word and will also help us focus more on shows and business training rather than bits and pieces like buttons and list items. It outlines:

  • Voice, tone and style

  • Show components and needs

  • Logo, color and asset usage

It’s also a living reference tool for show producers, performers, developers, designers, marketers, and others, including our partners and media who want to write about our brand or use our assets.

About PIRATES style

With our brand, we aim to be simple but not simplistic, fun but not (too) funny.

Simplicity isn’t all that we strive for, however. Because we’re a comedy group that offers public and private shows as well as business workshops and training, we want for our brand and product to reflect the fun, energetic aspect of our service. We do this primarily through color, typography and form for our designs and show components for our live performances.

Pirates' colors are inspired by the festive parties of Mardi Gras, with shades of orange and gold with our supporting colors, dark purple, light purple and warm gray. Our brand’s font, Noto Sans, is a clean font with gentle lines and high legibility across media, digital and print.

Our vision is for everyone to laugh, regardless of their language. From building our brand to expanding our business offerings, this style guide allows for us to create with the same simplicity. We hope that it serves you well, too.


公演オファーに関して / Show components and NeedS


MC announcement to introduce the Pirates:
"The Pirates of Tokyo Bay is Tokyo’s most rad, rambunctious, and really, really, really, good-looking improv group! They put on English and Japanese shows in Tokyo and Osaka, give corporate workshops to hardworking Japanese salarymen and salarywomen. The Pirates have also become a destination for traveling improvisers and have shared the stage with performers from all over the world! Please welcome the Pirates of Tokyo Bay!"


Show Length(s):
Depending on the event, shows can range anywhere from 20-120 minutes.  If the show is longer than 45 minutes, we recommend a short break (10 minutes).


Show Needs:
Two microphones (wired or wireless), Two chairs to use on stage, an audience!
If possible, we'd love to have access to a sound system, a projector and a raised stage.
Please note: we generally do not accept outdoor show offers.


ロゴの使い方 / Logo usage


The Pirates logotype is custom-designed to embody many of the aspirational qualities of the brand. Highly efficient, the letterforms are based on traditional typefaces and subtly contrasted stroke weight. The "of Tokyo Bay" banner invokes the flags Pirates proudly flew.  If you need logo assets, click here.

For general public
For general public
For general public
Thumbnail / Favicon

Thumbnail / Favicon

App icon

App icon




Orange #f09a22 R: 240 G: 154 B: 34

R: 240
G: 154
B: 34

Yellow Orange #f0c514 R: 240 G: 197 B: 20

Yellow Orange
R: 240
G: 197
B: 20

Purple #8d52a1 R: 141 G: 82 B: 161

R: 141
G: 82
B: 161

Dark Purple #794191 R: 121 G: 65 B: 145

Dark Purple
R: 121
G: 65
B: 145

Slate #343433 R: 52 G: 52 B: 51

R: 52
G: 52
B: 51

White #ffffff R: 255 G: 255 B: 255

R: 255
G: 255
B: 255