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Announcing Our New Intern: Welcome Jacob Machlis

Hi! I'm Jacob Machlis,

one of the Pirates of Tokyo Bay's newest interns!

I recently graduated from William Paterson University in May with a minor in Japanese Language and a major in Theater and Comedy. so interning with the Pirates of Tokyo Bay (POTB) is a perfect match!

My two month stay in Tokyo began in early June with the inevitable excitement/culture shock set in initially but now living here feels more like a vacation. Everything in Tokyo is new and exciting but also a bit overwhelming.

That change happened when I started working with the Pirates. Their ability to put create bilingual improv shows that really connect with a multicultural audience in Tokyo inspired me to spend the next few weeks working hard to improve my Japanese language skills and work toward coming back to Tokyo in the future to become a member of this talented troupe. #lifegoals

Watching and working with the Pirates has been very exciting. I am getting to learn first hand how much work is involved in creating a show that brings joy to such a diverse audience in Tokyo. My work ranges from the simpler tasks of making and collecting raffle tickets to the more creative aspects of choosing subjects for the performers during practice and taking photographs.

In addition to helping the Pirates, I’m working hard at learning how to be more self-sufficient, managing my time, improving my Japanese language skills, meeting new people from different cultures and exploring Tokyo.

All in all, my experience with Tokyo and the Pirates has been great.  I look forward to every day and try to do things I’d never get the opportunity to do in the United States!