Mike Staffa


Mike Staffa founded the Pirates of Tokyo Bay in 2010 and is the current Director. Mike also served as the Director Emeritus of the Pirates of the Dotombori which he founded in Osaka in 2005.

Mike tours globally as an improv actor and instructor performing regularly across South East Asia, Europe and North America. He has been hired by major tech firms, embassies and government think tanks to teach improv in the workplace. In 2012 Mike and the Pirates gave a TED Talk entitled "Why you won't die on stage" focusing on cross-cultural communication. Mike has performed improv in over 10 countries and been a member of groups including: Attention-Starved Children (USA) and The Big Hoo-Haa (AUS).

Mike is a tech enthusiast who's been living in Japan since 2005. In his down time Mike listens to punk music, reminisces about his years in Osaka, and tries to convince his Japanese friends that Minnesota is a U.S. state they should know.