Pirates of Tokyo Bay return to the Manila Improv Festival

Every two years, improv groups from around the world travel to Manila to perform in the Manila Improv Festival. The Pirates of Tokyo Bay have been lucky enough to attend the festival every time since 2013.

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The festival is produced by Third World Improv (TWI). Set up in 2015 by Gabe Mercado and the members of the pioneering improv group SPIT, Third World Improv is the first school in the Philippines dedicated to teaching the art and craft of improvisational theater.. Third World Improv aims to produce improv practitioners who are authentic, innovative, culturally and socially relevant and a lot of fun.

The PETA Theater Center is hosting the 2019 Manila Improv Festival. The festival promises you the best of improvisational comedy with improv groups from all over the Philippines and the globe. Now on its 5th year, the audience can expect unscripted fun and laughter. Don’t miss these five days of improv performances, workshops, and exhibits at Asia’s biggest improv festival on March 27 to 31, 2019!

Our performances will be on Friday, March 29th and Saturday, March 30th at 8pm on the Viola Spolin stage. Get your tickets at Ticket2Me and search “MIF”.

Below is a (shaky) video from our 2017 performance in Manila to get you excited for our 2019 shows. See you in the Philippines!

❤️ Pirates


Interested in the Tokyo comedy scene?


Interested in the Tokyo comedy scene?

The Pirates of Tokyo Bay, a Tokyo comedy group, has been performing across Tokyo since 2010. The first year of shows the improv comedy group performed at the Pink Cow in Shibuya and at the Tokyo Impro Festival put on by our friends at ImproJapan. From that first year joining the bustling Tokyo comedy scene, the Pirates worked hard to put on bilingual (Japanese and English) improv comedy shows, something that was new to Tokyo.

















Photo by: Javier Ibarra

Photo by: Javier Ibarra


「Got your back!」








「Got your back!」には、









11月25日(日曜日)は平成最後の記念公演 / バイリンガール英会話

11月25日(日曜日)は平成最後の記念公演 / バイリンガール英会話


Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 4.29.00 PM.jpg

YouTuber・”バイリンガール”ことチカさんに私たちがお会いしてから5年以上が経ちますが、その間に何回かタッグを組むこともありました。一番最近では、「HELP me TRAVEL」発売記念イベントのお手伝いとしてアクティビティに参加してきたことです。この日は、海外で起こり得るシチュエーションをちか友のみなさんとロールプレイング。ちか友みなさんの挑戦していく姿に、私たちも刺激を受けました。今後も何らかの形でチカさんとコラボすることがあるかもしれません。その時はまたお知らせします。「HELP me TRAVEL」はこちらから要チェック

Chika audience2.jpg

Pirates of Tokyo Bay announce sponsorship of SMASH CABARET


Pirates of Tokyo Bay announce sponsorship of SMASH CABARET

Photo by: Sho Takiguchi

Photo by: Sho Takiguchi

The Pirates of Tokyo Bay are excited to announce our support and sponsorship of SMASH CABARET. They put on amazing music-focused shows and we are happy to support their growth. Our sponsorship is more than just financial support, when needed, we will offer our advice and support so they can continue to put on amazing shows for audiences across Tokyo.

The Pirates have come a long way in just 8 years in Tokyo. 175 shows, 16 international tours to 10 countries. We pride ourselves on putting on top quality shows and events. It is a similar drive for quality production that drew our eye to SMASH CABARET. In addition, the mission statement of the Pirates is: To get everyone, regardless of their native language, to laugh! We feel the musical performances at SMASH CABARET align with our mission statement in that everyone in the audience, Japanese or foreigner, can enjoy the music sung so beautifully by the performers at SMASH CABARET.

We encourage everyone to check out SMASH CABARET at their website: and you never know, you might catch a member of the Pirates performing at a show, or even the entire Pirates group joining to sing an improvised song!


Photo by: Sho Takiguchi





Photo by: Takashi Nakamura

Photo by: Takashi Nakamura

パイレーツ・オブ・東京湾は、SMASH CABARETに対してスポンサーとして支援することを決定しました。SMASH CABARETとは、NYに数あるキャバレー・ショーにインスピレーションを受けて立ち上げた「ミュージカル・スター発掘オーディション・ショー」です。これからは、東京での演劇コミュニティの発展に私たちも応援します。私たちもただサポートするだけでなく、必要があればお客様がワクワクするノウハウも提供できるようにスタンバイしております。4月30日(月)、下北沢でのSMASH CABARETをぜひチェックしてくださいね!

これまで約8年間に渡り、私たちは公演175回(10カ国への海外ツアー16回を含む)を成し遂げてきました。そして毎回、最高品質のショーとイベントをお客様に提供できるよう心がけています。SMASH CABARETのショーにも似たような意気込みがあり、それが私たちの目を引きました。私たちの団体理念でもある、「言語が違えど、皆さまを笑いの渦に巻き込みます!」。SMASH CABARETの身近に感じられるミュージカル・パフォーマンスも、言語関係なく誰もが楽しめるという点では、私たちと同じように感じています。

SMASH CABARETの公式ウェブサイトはこちら! もしかしたら、知っているパイレーツメンバーが歌っているかもしれません。。。。あるいはいつか私たちグループ全員で歌ってるかも!


今アジアで最もエネルギッシュなグループと一緒にステージに立ってみませんか。 Audition and join Asia’s most traveled improv group

今アジアで最もエネルギッシュなグループと一緒にステージに立ってみませんか。 Audition and join Asia’s most traveled improv group





The Pirates of Tokyo Bay, a bilingual improv comedy group based in Tokyo, is having open auditions for new members. The group tours regularly (Singapore, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Beijing, Hawaii, NYC, Germany, and more) and performs monthly in Tokyo.

The Pirates are known for their high energy shows that are performed in both English and Japanese. We are looking for new members to join us. No experience in necessary and you do not need to be bilingual to audition. If you have ever wanted to make hundreds of people laugh, join us!

Auditions will be on Sunday, May 13th in Shinjuku. Visit for more info and sign up to audition.

♡ Pirates


2017 A Pirates Year in Review / POTB2017年を振り返って

2017 in review.jpg

2017 is almost over and before we look forward to 2018, we want to look back on what a busy year it was for the Pirates. 2017 was our year to travel all over the world to bring our style of fun, energy and improvised comedy to fans new and old.

2017 by the numbers: 

  • 2513: Tickets sold to a Pirates event
  • 26: Shows featuring Pirates (11 in Tokyo, 15 overseas)
  • 6: Countries performed in by Pirates (Japan, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, USA, Germany)
  • 1: New Pirate: Tomoyoshi Noguchi
  • 1: Android app released (to join our iOS app)

We hope everyone has a great end of the year and is ready for an amazing 2018. We have some big things planned for 2018 and we hope you all will be there to cheer us on. We will be there to perform for you and make you laugh!

♡ Pirates


  • チケット枚数売り上げ:計2513枚
  • 公演回数:計26(東京11回/海外25回)
  • 公演した国:計6か国(日本、シンガポール、フィリピン、マレーシア、アメリカ、ドイツ)
  • 新メンバー:1人(ノグチトモヨシ)
  • アプリリリース:計1個(アンドロイドとiOS用)


愛をこめて by パイレーツ



YouTuberも参戦!日本語&英語即興コメディグループ パイレーツ・オブ・東京湾、西麻布で12/3に七周年記念公演を開催







All photos by ©Michael Holmes







早割チケット: 2,500円(11月18日まで)

通常チケット: 3,000円

当日チケット: 3,000円

購入URL :





場所:スーパー・デラックス — 〒106–0031 東京都港区西麻布3–1–25 B1F












Android App Released / 私たちのAndroid用アプリがようやくダウンロードできます!


Android App Released / 私たちのAndroid用アプリがようやくダウンロードできます!

We are extremely excited to announce that our Android app is now available for download! Like our iOS app, you can use it to vote during shows, check out the setlist and performers in the show, view our schedule and get our LINE stickers! Shout out to our developer and Osaka Pirate member, Kwame for building this app! Enjoy and see you at the next show.


Get our app / アプリをゲット

Get our app / アプリをゲット



How to Do Bilingual Improv


How to Do Bilingual Improv


Improvisational comedy is a challenging skill to pick up even in your native language. So how do you do it in two languages? The Pirates of Tokyo Bay have been pulling it off for nearly seven years — here are six quick tips that will help you get any audience rolling in the aisles!


1. Know Your Audience


Different audiences laugh at different things — physical vs. political humor. Everyone laughs at awkward romantic scenes. Gauge your audience at the start of each show. Use the intro or first games to see if the audience consists of more speakers of one language or another and tailor your scenes and characters accordingly.


2. Get Physical & Mime

Break up linguistically heavy games with physical humor that everyone can enjoy with minimal effort.


3. Create Clear, Culturally Specific Characters (e.g. ‘The Bro’ & ‘The Obachan’)


Mixing cultural points is also important. Play a character from your neighborhood who just happens to speak fluently in another language. This creates depth and avoids repeating things we’ve seen or done before.


4. ‘Yes and…’


Different cultures means less shared cultural references. You need to trust your partner even more.


5. Localize Your Scenes


Take your characters to Family Mart, not Tim Hortons.


6. Play Upon Your Weaknesses

Sure it’s impressive when a character switches seamlessly from one language to another, but rather than show off, use your ability to show what’s similar or different between the two languages by honestly emphasizing your and others’ mistakes. The audience has more than likely been in your exact position before, and being relatable and realistic and humble all at the same time is usually more satisfying in the end for everyone involved.


Check out our TED@Tokyo talk “Why you won’t die on stage” about bilingual improv.

Interested to see how the Pirates of Tokyo Bay pull it all off? Our next show is on October 29, 2017 in Ebisu, Tokyo. It’s our annual cancer charity fundraising show. Details and ticket information here.

Our last show of the year (and our biggest) will be our seventh anniversary show in Roppongi on December 3. Details and ticket information here!

(Photos by Michael Holmes)

Article source:



7th Anniv logo.png


You are cordially invited to POTB's 7th Anniversary Show!

Hark, what's a POTB, you say?
Why, good sir or madam, just the Pirates of Tokyo Bay, Tokyo's ONE AND ONLY bilingual improv comedy group!

We've been alive and kicking around Kanto ever since the dark days of 2010 and it's now time to celebrate with abandon 7 years of keeping everyone in Kanto laughing, regardless of their language. 

For our 7 YEAR ANNIVERSARY, we're going all out!


Be sure to FOLLOW US for updates and videos as the event gets closer!

As always, every show is new and different thanks to you, the audience! We'll be taking your ideas, suggestions and bullshit throughout the entire show so come ready to scream and shout in ENGLISH AND JAPANESE!

LIMITED TICKETS are ON SALE NOW at so be sure to grab a seat ahead of time for the BIGGEST NIGHT OF YOUR LIFE!*.

Sunday, December 3rd
6:30pm doors
7:30pm START
¥3,000 gets you in and ONE FREE DRINK!! ***Early Bird Discount Available Until Nov 18!
Food available!

Buy tickets at the door or in advance at Peatix:

♥ Pirates



よくぞ聞いてくれました!POTBとはPirates of Tokyo Bay(日本語表記:パイレーツ・オブ・東京湾)の略語でございます。そして私たちは東京でたった一つの日本語・英語即興コメディグループなのです!





日程: 12月3日(日)
開場: 18時30分
開演: 19時30分
場所: スーパー・デラックス - 〒106−0031 東京都港区西麻布3-1-25 B1F
電話: 03ー5412ー0515
料金: 3000円(湾ドリンク付き) **11月18日(土)までは早割の2500円で発売!



♥ パイレーツ・オブ・東京湾


Pirates use comedy to fight breast cancer


Pirates use comedy to fight breast cancer

BasserCenterLogo_LockUp_CMYK-57b494af8c09c 2.jpg

The Pirates of Tokyo Bay, Japan’s bilingual improv comedy group, is honored to join forces with the University of Pennsylvania’s Basser Center, to put on a charity comedy show in Tokyo where all proceeds go to the Center’s breast cancer research. Ticket details here.

Show details: 
Sunday, August 13th
6:30pm at What the Dickens in Ebisu

Every year the Pirates have put on cancer charity shows supporting Livestrong Japan, Over Cancer Together and as the Pirates brand grows, the group is continually looking for more ways to give back to the community. We are using what we do best, improv comedy, to bring smiles to those involved with the serious fight against cancer and we couldn’t be more honored to do so.

If you are interested in working with us, contact us here or sponsor us.



Announcing Our New Intern: Welcome Jacob Machlis

Hi! I'm Jacob Machlis,

one of the Pirates of Tokyo Bay's newest interns!

I recently graduated from William Paterson University in May with a minor in Japanese Language and a major in Theater and Comedy. so interning with the Pirates of Tokyo Bay (POTB) is a perfect match!

My two month stay in Tokyo began in early June with the inevitable excitement/culture shock set in initially but now living here feels more like a vacation. Everything in Tokyo is new and exciting but also a bit overwhelming.

That change happened when I started working with the Pirates. Their ability to put create bilingual improv shows that really connect with a multicultural audience in Tokyo inspired me to spend the next few weeks working hard to improve my Japanese language skills and work toward coming back to Tokyo in the future to become a member of this talented troupe. #lifegoals

Watching and working with the Pirates has been very exciting. I am getting to learn first hand how much work is involved in creating a show that brings joy to such a diverse audience in Tokyo. My work ranges from the simpler tasks of making and collecting raffle tickets to the more creative aspects of choosing subjects for the performers during practice and taking photographs.

In addition to helping the Pirates, I’m working hard at learning how to be more self-sufficient, managing my time, improving my Japanese language skills, meeting new people from different cultures and exploring Tokyo.

All in all, my experience with Tokyo and the Pirates has been great.  I look forward to every day and try to do things I’d never get the opportunity to do in the United States!


SHOW RECAP: July 30th, Tokyo


SHOW RECAP: July 30th, Tokyo

July in Tokyo is all about festivals, rock concerts, sweaty salarymen, watermelon and summer fun and this month's Pirates of Tokyo Bay show had a little bit of all of those (and more)! Squaring off were two teams of Pirates, the Red team and the White team, both "fighting" for the audience laughs and votes casted in our app.  

On the Red team was: Mike, Bob, Annika, Tomoko and Trey.  
On the White team: Masa, Elliot, Roza, Rodger and Carlos.

The show opened with a bilingual music number inspired by summer in Japan. Taking suggestions from the audience ranging from sweat to cockroaches, the Pirates crafted a bilingual song backed by Ben Anderson on the piano. Points were given to the Red team for Tomoko's amazing singing. 

Score: Red 7, White 1.

Next up was a mixed team game done in Japanese called "Ding" and then on to the Red v. White team games.

Red team started off with "1 Thing" which is a gibberish game. An every day activity was gotten from the audience and then common items associated with that activity were replaced with crazy alternatives. Mike was the guesser for the Red team and successfully guessed that he was "Making Breakfast".  But the eggs were Pasmos, the pan was a car, the in-house chef was a starfish and the sponge to clean the pan was actually Cookie Monster. Crazy!

The White team followed up with their game, "Late for Work" where Roza had to guess why she was late to her job at a sushi restaurant. The suggestions she correctly guessed were that 1) she was late because her purse didn't match her dress, 2) she rode an elephant to get to work, 3) but on the way to work on the elephant, it went in to labor. 

After that round of games, the audience voted.

Score: Red 9, White 7

Next up were the Japanese game, "Whose Line" where the scene dialogue was dictated by lines of dialogue given by the audience and written down on strips of paper for the Pirates to use. As seems to be a trend recently, the phrase "Make America Great Again" made an appearance.

Right before intermission, the Pirates played "Action Replay" and then "Speed Dating". Both were bilingual games and "Speed Dating" involved longtime Pirate Fan, Alan as the guest on stage to guess a series of celebrities* he was on a speed date with. 

Score at intermission: Red 13, White 12

After the intermission and traditional selling of raffle tickets, the Pirates opened with a rarely played song-game, "In the Neighborhood". The highlight was Bob's debut as a singer! He won points for his Red team as the only singer in the game.

Score: Red 15, White 12

After a Japanese game of "Blind Dubbing", the Red and White teams squared off again for audience votes.

Red team went with "Marionettes" and invited a special fan, from Aoba International School in Japan where the Pirates workshopped with the kids earlier in the month. 

White team went with Sound FX where two audience participants provided all the sounds effects for the scene. Almost to an impressive realism!

Score: Red 17, White 12

The final game was audience favorite, "Rap Tinder" where the Pirates, backed by a custom-made rap beat, create verses based on audience submitted selfies that are projected above the stage. Masa won the battle and got "swiped right" to win.

FINAL Score: Red 18, White 32

Need tickets to our August 27th show? Get them here.

* Celebrities were played by Pirates. ;)