• Shinjuku-ku, Tōkyō-to, 160-0023
  • Japan

For anyone interested in giving Improv Comedy a shot, we welcome you to our Summer 2016 Auditions! Those who pass will join us on stage and on our growing YouTube channel!

LOCATION: https://goo.gl/Lq3mjN

Please reply here on the event wall if you'd like to come as space is limited. Seriously, we're not working in Tokyo Dome (or sign up here: http://piratesoftokyobay.com/auditions).

Auditions will be in Shinjuku!

No worries if you've never tried Impro(v) before. We'll walk through some of our games and techniques with you and see how you do both as an individual and as a team player.

We hope to find lots of interested, willing and generally disturbed enough people to want to be a part of the Pirates and if we see promise during the audition, we would love to have you join our crew. 

Time: 6 - 8pm
Date: 05/31 (Sunday, July 31st)
Meet: 5:50pm in Kashiwagi Park 柏木公園 in Shinjuku Nishi 7 Chome
Bring: Comfy clothes, open mind, the noise.
Price: ¥0

- Staffa & the Pirates (not as cool of a band name as it sounded in my head)






集合場所:柏木公園 (新宿西7丁目)(17時50分)